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    The Chalfont is an excellent midrange massage table, which is popular with our clients because of its large size - it is extra wide, extra long and extra tall (the maximum height setting is now an industry-leading 88 cm, which benefits taller therapists). This full-dimension treatment bed is 195 cm long (without the headrest) and 70 cm wide (without the side armrests). Not only can it accommodate your largest clients, but it is also versatile with its 3-section design with an adjustable backrest. It comes with standard 5 cm high-density foam cushioning, a weight of 16 kg and is exceptional value for money.

    With this beautiful, highly portable massage table, you will have all you need to deliver a professional service at your client’s preferred location. Chalfont massage tables offer outstanding comfort that will delight your clients, while also offering exceptionally quick setup and sturdy support that will allow you to feel confident while working.

    Stable and Sturdy Construction

    Chalfont massage tables have a wooden frame that is precision-crafted of premium-grade materials to ensure a perfect fit between components. The supporting frame is further enhanced with durable steel support cables which greatly increase the table’s lateral stability and its working weight capacity.

    This table is designed to accommodate a maximum weight of up to 273 kg (600 lbs or 42 Stone). It can handle even your heaviest clients while still being strong enough to carry out treatment on. The table legs feature non-slip, non-marring feet, which prevent sliding.

    The adjustable headrest features a premium composite support, resistant to bending and warping.

    Client Comfort

    Chalfont massage beds feature the highest quality extra soft PU leather and soft cushioning, providing the ultimate comfort for your clients. The surface is oil and water-resistant and doesn’t accumulate stains.

    PU Leather is nice to touch against the skin and it doesn’t have the plasticky feel that some cheaper vinyl alternatives do. It’s a very durable and hard-wearing material, which is easy to clean and will last you a long time.

    The tabletop and armrest wings both are composed of a plush, 5 cm thick layer of high-density foam, and the face pillow has an ergonomic design and features softer 7 cm foam for exceptional comfort. The face pillow cover can be unzipped and removed for cleaning.

    Adjustability and Ergonomics

    This massage table is height adjustable from 62 cm to 88 cm.

    With its 3-section design, this table features an adjustable backrest which can be locked into 10 different positions depending on your needs.

    The Chalfont table comes with both a detachable head cradle and an integrated breathe hole. There are benefits of using either of the two client face positions, as each provides a slightly different experience for them, but more importantly, it allows you to work on different parts of the body.

    For instance by using the additional (and adjustable) head cradle at the end of the table it allows you to position the client in a way that opens up the rotator cuff muscles, the scapula, and gives you greater access to the neck area when the client is lying in both the prone and supine positions.

    The built-in breather hole, on the other hand, allows the client’s feet to hang over the end of the bed, which is more comfortable for them if you will not be working as much with the neck area.

    If you have a roll bolster to place underneath your client’s ankles for a comfortable foot position, you can use the face cradle exclusively as it has softer cushioning and allows for angle adjustment. The detachable headrest also comes with a forward armrest shelf beneath it.

    With this table, you also get detachable side armrests, which can be fitted easily to the table to provide additional width and positioning when treating arms and shoulders.

    This couch has Reiki end panels which means that the end of the table has an open design with an arch form, allowing you, the therapist, to be seated comfortably on a stool, and be able to fit your legs under the table, while doing seated work at the head or feet of the client (e.g. facials, reflexology).

    Reiki end panels are not always available with most manufacturers, because they are usually replaced by supportive panels to hold poorer quality tables together.

    Accessories and Portability

    The Chalfont table comes with the following accessories:

    • Removable, highly adjustable, deluxe multi headrest
    • Front armrest shelf
    • Two side arm supports
    • Carry bag

    A durable nylon carry bag with an adjustable shoulder strap is included in the package. It has an additional side handle to take some of the load off your shoulder and make carrying it even easier. There is also a side pocket to hold oils and supplies in.

    The table folds away in seconds and secures with its chrome locking clips - just pack it and you’re ready to move on to your next appointment.


    The Chalfont couch comes with a one-year Manufacturer's Guarantee against defects in materials or craftsmanship on all components. It also has a 2-year Massage Imperial® Warranty.


    Model Name: Chalfont
    Colour: Light Green
    Table Type: 3-Section (with 10-positional backrest)
    Length: 195 cm (not including headrest)
    Width: 70 cm (not including sidearms)
    Height: adjustable from 62 cm to 88 cm
    Foam: 5 cm High Density Foam
    Table Weight: 16 kg (not including accessories)
    Upholstery: PU leather
    Maximum Working Weight: 600 lbs / 273 kg / 42 stone
    Massage Table Folded Size (L x W x H): 98 cm length x 70 cm height x 17 cm depth
    Certifications: ISO 9001:2000, CE